Chris Hunt

Composer, arranger, trombonist Chris Hunt is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Jazz Performance program. Chris works as a freelance musician in his native Toronto, in a variety of settings. Years of experience with brass quintets and musicals, big bands and smaller jazz ensembles have solidified Chris’ reputation as a truly versatile performer and composer. As well as teaching private students, Chris is also on faculty at Seneca College. In 2003, Chris attended the Banff International Jazz Workshop. In May of 2004, he released The Chris Hunt Tentet’s first full-length album, First X’s Free. His quintet, Big Lots, released a limited edition EP in 2005. In spring of 2006 The Tentet recorded the Dirrty Dog live at the Rex Hotel.

Grade 3

This funky tune is inspired by a painting of a dirty looking hot dog. It’s great fun. This tune is a great opportunity to teach the difference between a half time feel vs a swing 4 feel and also the difference between swung 8ths funk and straight 8ths funk.

Other features:

  • Optional high lead trumpet parts
  • Fun parts for lead trombone, and solo parts for Tenor 2 and trumpet
Jazz BandFunkChris Hunt5:004/4160
Grade 4

"First X’s Free" goes from a mysterious driving straight 8th's feel to a groovy half time funk feel. It’s a high energy tune that will keep your band wanting to play week after week. It features the Soprano Saxophone and the Trombone. It also features some muted work by the brass and a chance to let your rhythm section let loose!

Other Features:

  • Woodwind section is Soprano, Alto 2 Tenors and Bari
Jazz BandStraight 8thsChris Hunt8:004/4160
Grade 2

The newest chart from composer Chris Hunt is a fun blues romp with a catchy repeated figure sure to get you hooked. It's got some classic swing rhythms great for teaching young bands about swing and a reasonable tempo to get them started. It's got some great parts for your saxes to dig in on and solos are written for anyone.

Jazz BandSwingChris Hunt3:304/4110




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