Grade 3

Maria says: "Tumbadora is a salsa tune I wrote inspired by the role of the congas in Latin music. The feel and rhythms are reminiscent of the sound of the Latin ensembles I enjoy listening to. There is also a heavy influence of the piano in this arrangement which gives the piano player in your band an opportunity to be featured throughout as well as in an improvised section at letter D. You can include a conga player in addition to the drummer and they have a chance to trade solos in the open percussion solo section one bar before letter E. There are some fun brass parts throughout with some challenging rhythms. This is a driving arrangement that will give your whole band a good workout."

  • Other features
  • Lead Trumpet to high C
  • Lead Trombone to high B
  • Percussion section solos
  • Improvised piano solo
Jazz BandLatin FunkMaria Kundakcioglu5:304/4120




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